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Being a professional means busy schedules and a lot of responsibility. When time is so precious, having an office to run can be counterproductive and expensive. We have all been working from home, and understand the benefits, the cost savings but also the disadvantanges that we experienced. There is a lot of potential in using co-working spaces as our address, but are they adapted to the specific needs of legal practice, a desire for confidentiality and professional environment, and the particular professional ethics that we need to respect? Ours is.

Suites offers you an modern, efficient solution, and is located across from the Montreal Courthouse, an elegant address where you can receive your clients in complete confidence. Designed by lawyers for their colleagues, in all discretion and with professionalism.

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Suites, Inc

200-510 St-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, QC, Canada H2Y 2Y9

Tel. 438-380-8088

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